• Standard, Custom and New configurations Cordsets, cable Assemblies and Wire harness

Company Introduction

  1. OEM/ODM

    We specialize in supplying  OEMs our standard and custom products.  We have many years of experience in providing customers with products designed for their specific needs.  

  2. Quality Control

    QC/Technical Support:

    We have specially trained in-house engineers, technicians and production staff  as well as  quality control  QC/ QA

    QC Staff:

    Over 80

    Procedures/Testing :

    To ensure that each product released by Plug & Cable is of the best quality we do  testing at all stages  of production. In a special independent laboratory, designed for quality control, the base materials and core components are tested.  Testing for flaws and defects is then done randomly throughout production before the final testing of the finished product.
  3. Services and Support

    Sample Availability & Policy:

    Free samples are available for customers evaluation.  

    Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions:

    Our products are covered under our product quality guarantee. Delivery is guaranteed in 15 days,  Rush or expedited delivery also possible. 

    Export/Import Processing Support:

    We offer support for shipping, export documents, and quality inspection.
  4. Research and Development

    R&D Staff:


    Machinery/Equipment for R&D:



    The research and development team at Plug&Cable are highly trained in computer technology, product design and market analysis. We  design new products for existing and future markets as well as the enhancement of existing products for better efficiency. We invest in R&D to ensure that Plug&Cable releases new products staying on top of the constantly changing market.