About us


We are a totally vertically integrated manufacturer of power cable, power cords and power cord sets which operates three manufacturing facilities in China, Taiwan and Thailand. The plant in GuangDong, China manufactures and provides all locations with the raw bulk cable which is an integral part in controlling both costs and quality. This feeder plant compounds our own custom formulated PVC material as well as tooling copper rod, wire drawing, plug molding and assembly operations. During these processes it is an integral part in controlling both costs and quality.

Cable manufacturing involving in many technologies such as, engineering, M.E, Process, R&D and complete quality controlling, our products passed all related test and safety approval around the world. Customer technical support groups are located at sales location to provide best service to customers.
Quality according to ISO 9001. From a technology stand-point, we have been involved in some industries such as the Networking and Medical fields in which quality is never compromised. The same consideration was given to fail safe or mission critical applications are carried over into all other products manufactured by us as well.

  • Largest and number one pacific rim manufacturer of power cords to the U.S. market.
  • Manufacturing facilities in Taiwan, China and Thailand with over 300,000 sq. ft. of  manufacturing space and 1200 employees. New facility coming on line to expand product capacity.
  • All facilities gain ISO 9001 Certificate
  • Multiple worldwide office locations to supply unparalleled customer service inthe world.
  • Capacity to support over $35 million in Power Cord. Power cable and Cord Sets. Fully vertically integrated manufacturing from PVC compounding and wire drawing to molding/assembly operations.
  • Comprehensive and complete regulatory (Safety & testing agencies) product listing and factory certification (globally).
  • Application and engineering based company servicing the personal computer and its peripheral, instrumentation, networking, telecommunication, medical equipment and home consumer electronic markets.