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Company Introduction

  1. OEM/ODM

    We are happy to provide OEM services on any of our products and product lines. We have years of experience in providing customers with products designed for their specific needs and will be happy to accept any orders you wish to give us.

  2. Quality Control

    QC/Technical Support:

    We have specially trained, in-house engineers, technicians, and production staff to take care of quality control at Plug&Cable.

    QC Staff:

    More than 99

    Procedures/testing Details:

    To ensure that each product released by Plug&Cable is of the best quality we practice testing at all levels of production. In a special independent laboratory, designed for quality control, the base materials and core components are tested. Checking for flaws and defects is then done randomly throughout production before the final testing of the finished product..
  3. Services and Support

    Sample Availability & Policy:

    Free samples are available for our products, but only to our current customers. New customers can purchase samples at a low price to cover our costs.

    Guarantees/Warranties/Terms and Conditions:

    Our products are covered under our product quality guarantee. Delivery is guaranteed in 15 days, but express delivery can be arranged with prior notification. Payment can be made by L/C, T/T or other methods.

    Export/Import Processing Support:

    We offer support for shipping, export documents, and quality inspection.

    After Sales Service:

    Service is available after sales through our head office, our service hotline or through our network of offices and agents.
  4. Research and Development

    R&D Staff:

    10 to 19

    Machinery/Equipment for R&D:



    The research and development team at Plug&Cable Wire Material are trained in computer technology, product design and market analysis. They use this training and their experience in the field to help them in the design of new products for existing and future markets as well as the enhancement of existing products for better efficiency. We invest considerable amounts of money in R&D each year to ensure that Plug&Cable releases more and more new products staying on top of the constantly changing market.
  5. Management
    We hope to become a forefront leader of our industry by providing even more services than our competitors. Securing long-term partnerships with domestic – as well as international – companies rate high on our list of priorities. Give us the opportunity to serve you by contacting us with your design ideals.